My name is Ted Galanos. I am totally blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa – RP and I use a wheelchair. Computers have been an integral part of my life since late 1992 when I started college. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Computer Information Systems. I enjoy providing technical assistance to those using assistive technology such as JAWS and Voice Over. I also enjoy letting my auditory creative side show by creating and editing audio. This may be the creation of a radio commercial, an audio version of an E-Magazine or an Audio Scrapbook.

I have been dabbling in audio editing as a hobby since 2015 building custom intros for many of the games played on and was asked to create ads for Out-Of-Sight Radio to complement the games. I also was asked to create an audio version of the newsletter for This sparked an interest in creating an audio montage or scrapbook for a friend’s daughter.

Ever since I began using the PC in late 1992, I have enjoyed tinkering with it and learning how it works. As more and more disabled people of all ages and all walks of life enter into the digital age, they come with varying degrees of expertise in the field of adaptive technology. Due to whatever circumstance, they may not have been afforded the proper training by their state vocational or rehabilitation services. I have voluntarily  helped countless friends how to get familiar with Windows, email, Skype, voice chat clients, audio editing, JAWS, iDevices and more.

Most of my knowledge and expertise comes from a “self-taught” approach to learning my craft. While I do hold a degree in
Business Administration, I am not state certified in as an Assistive Technology instructor. I like helping others to the best of my ability. If I don’t know the answer to something, I will attempt to find the answer or find alternative means and resources to solve the problem.

You may read my resume in PDF format online or download it from either of the following links: