Investing App Basics




Investing App Basics:

Greetings Reader,
It has been brought to my attention that there is interest among some in the blind community to get into investing both on Facebook and in private conversations. I have heard questions like these.
1. How much does it cost?
2. How can I trust a broker if I’m blind?
3. Is it accessible?

Put simply, you can start with 5 dollars without a human broker on at least three accessible apps and probably more. I started with Acorn in 2017 which was linked to my PayPal. This was good for the passive investor. Soon I switched to Robinhood when I acquired my first iPhone and found it not to be as accessible as I hoped. However, it was great for creating a watch list to study my favorite companies. My respiratory therapist told me about Stash Investing, so I tried it and have used it successfully since December 2018. I began using the Cash app created by Square for other purposes other than investing in November 2019 and was told that it had a new investment feature that was also accessible. I experimented with it and began purchasing stocks through it as well. It just recently added a Bitcoin option which I also have taken advantage of. Since it has been over two years since I have used Robinhood for more than its Watchlist feature, i have decided to reopen my account and see if improvements in accessibility have been made.

Another savings and investment option is the ABLE program. Achieving a Better Life Experience or ABLE Act is legislation that President Obama signed into law in 2014. It allows people with significant disabilities prior to their 26TH birthday to have a tax advantaged savings account that is not counted against them because they receive Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. It has a savings account element that is FDIC insured and three investment levels from conservative to agressive. I signed up for this in May of 2018 when Texas launched the web site. Go to for more information.

I tell you this, dear reader, to offer tutorial services on one or more of these apps to those curious or interested in investing. I am not a licensed financial advisor or stock broker so I will not make financial decisions for you. I will, however, show you ways to educate yourself in the finance arena.

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If interested, send me an email. Tutoring is $25 per hour and the first consultation is free.


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